Paul Breddels | Art

About me and my work

My whole life I have expressed myself in various creative ways. In early life, with theater, painting, drawing and photography. Later with my work as a video editor and designer in the multimedia industry. The move to Sweden in 2008 has given me both the emotional and physical space to go back to drawing and painting.

My work is all about discovery. My paintings evolve while I discover things about myself by looking at them. And you as a viewer can discover a sometimes strange but always slightly optimistic world.

In my lifelong pursuit of creative expression, I have ventured through various artistic realms. In my early years, I immersed myself in theater, painting, drawing, and photography. Later, I delved into the dynamic realm of video editing and design within the multimedia industry. However, it was my relocation to Sweden in 2008 that granted me the precious gift of emotional and physical space, rekindling my ardor for drawing and painting.

My art is an ever-evolving testament to the journey of self-discovery and exploration. Each stroke, each canvas becomes a mirror, reflecting the depths of my being as I gaze upon them. And as you, the viewer, embark upon your own visual odyssey, a realm both peculiar and tinged with optimism unfurls before you.

Interlaced with the enigmatic notion of the many-worlds theory, my work resonates with the allure of countless parallel universes existing alongside our own—a boundless tapestry of possibilities that fuels my imagination. In my paintings, I strive to encapsulate this vast and captivating idea, to evoke the emotions, ideas, and unseen realms that art can awaken. I see myself not as the creator, but as a conduit, channeling the art that longs to manifest.

With every brushstroke, I aspire to ignite a flame of inspiration within you, compelling you to transcend the confines of familiarity. Together, let us venture beyond the known, exploring uncharted dimensions and attaining a profound understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit. My art beckons you to join me on this wondrous expedition, where the boundaries of possibility are boundless, and the marvels that await us are infinite.

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