Paul Breddels | Art

My latest work

Emerge from the Shadows

Emerge from the Shadows Acrylics on Canvas 90 x 90 cm Available

The Promise of Progress

The Promise of Progress Acrylics on Canvas 90 x 70 cm Available


Protected Acrylics on Canvas 90 x 70 cm In private collection

Alternate reality No:10

Alternate reality No:10 Acrylics on Canvas 90 x 70 cm Available

Because she cares

Because she cares Acrylics on Canvas 120 x 90 cm Available

Map of a not so distant future

Map of a not so distant future Acrylics on Canvas 70 x 70 cm Available
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At the core of my artistic expression lies the essence of discovery. The creatures and intricate forms that grace my paintings embark on their own voyage of exploration, as I simultaneously embark on an introspective journey, unearthing profound insights about myself. 

Within this dynamic interplay, the viewer too becomes an explorer, immersing themselves in a realm that can be both wonderfully strange and yet remarkably infused with optimism. 

I hold firm to the belief that the totality of the artwork is intricately woven into its individual components, and conversely, that each part reveals the essence of the whole.
About me
Throughout my entire existence, I've exuded creativity in diverse forms. From my early years, I immersed myself in theater, painting, drawing, and photography. As time progressed, I delved into the world of video editing and design within the multimedia industry. However, my relocation to Sweden presented an opportunity—both emotionally and physically—to rekindle my passion for painting.
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