Paul Breddels | Art

Paul Breddels, 1957

1979-1987 Photographer and free artist

1987-present Video Editor, Motion designer graphic designer for film and TV.

2011 Solo exhibition church Grythyttan, Sweden
2012 Solo exhibition town hall Huizen
2013 Solo exhibition Bangbro, Sweden
2014 Participation in Art Assen
2019 Group exhibition Loka Brunn, Sweden
2019 Solo Exhibition Kunsthandel Veenstra Drachten
2020 Group exhibition Loka Brunn, Sweden
2021 Group exhibition "Konststig" Grythyttan, Sweden
2019 - 2022 Participation in the Online Open Atelier Route
2022 Solo exhibition in the Former Smederij of Roelof Lens in Leeuwarden
2022 Group exhibition Loka Brunn, Sweden
2023 Participation Art Eindhoven
2023 Art Heemstede
2024 De Nieuwe Smederij Ferwert Duo expositie met Jaap Knip

Furthermore, various art markets in the Netherlands and Sweden.


Works held in private collections in Sweden, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

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