Packing up, moving on.

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Packing up, moving on.

A month has gone by.  Yesterday we packed up up the exhibition in Huizen. Good to see my work back again. Four works which are sold are kept separate. I had a help of a good friend so it made the job easy and fast. After that we had a nice meeting with the new […]

The circle is closed one more time

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The circle is closed one more time

May 1 was the opening of my first exhibition in the Netherlands since about 30 years. An opening and an exhibition full of symbolism. Firstly because it took place in Huizen, the village where I was born and raised. But also because it was in the town hall. The place where my mother worked as […]

Virtual Open Studio

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What is a Virtual Open Studio? Virtual open studio is a way to invite people to visit me online while i’m in my studio. I use my webcam to connect with people who are interested in my work. Sometimes i’m working but other times i’m there for just chatting or showing my work. More than a year […]

Drawing of the raffle winner October 2012

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About a month ago I raffled off  one of my watercolor paintings. Everone who “likes” my Facebook Fanpage could participate. Last friday was the closing day of the raffle so on Saturday i picked the winner.   In the movie below you can see how i draw the winner with help of my two surprisingly […]

Back from never gone

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Just a quick hello to say that I want to get back to posting on a regular basis. I noticed it is almost a year ago i posted on this blog. It is not that there was nothing to talk about . A lot has happened  the last year: I’ve planned an exhibition for spring […]

Öppen Ateljé / Open studio 10/11 December 2011

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Varmt välkommen till öppen ateljé, på lördagen den 10e december och söndagen den 11e december 2011, både från kl 11.00 till kl 16.00. 2011 är nästan slut. Så det är dags att överblicka vad jag har gjort i 2011. Jag har lust att visa målningar och akvareller som jag har gjort under senaste år. Därför […]

Small exhibition in Grythyttan

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A few weeks ago I was asked by Per Schmidt, the Pastor of the church in Grythyttan, if a was interested to exhibit some of my work in the local church. Of course it is a great honour to me and last week Evelien and i went there to bring some watercolors. Thank you Per […]

Lot’s of new work posted today

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Today i updated my portfolio. Have a look and let me know what you think. And i’ve you didn’t already do it don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter.

The first virtual open studio was a succes

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Last Sunday i did a first experimental virtual open studio session. The open studio consisted of a live stream via internet from my studio while i painted like i normally do. It was fun to do and i had e few very positive and friendly reactions on it. I found out that i can work […]

My virtual open studio

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Today i did a few tests with live streaming from my studio. The idea is to provide people a way to visit my studio via a livestream. I will try to do some painting during those sesions. I say try because it is not easy. The fact that i know that i am live on […]