The circle is closed one more time

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The circle is closed one more time

IMG_0795May 1 was the opening of my first exhibition in the Netherlands since about 30 years.
An opening and an exhibition full of symbolism.
Firstly because it took place in Huizen, the village where I was born and raised.
But also because it was in the town hall. The place where my mother worked as an official of the civil registry. And also the town hall where a work, which my father Dick Breddels painted around 1978, hangs.
Finally a special occasion, because the exhibition was opened skillful, dignified and warm by my sister Lilet Breddels.

It was nice to show the work I made the last three years in Sweden. And it was nice to see it all come together in my hometown.
I was touched and honored by the many dear friends and family members who were present at the opening.

So this circle is complete. I feel that the next cycle has already started.
I wonder by which way I will come to which home the next time.


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