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What is a Virtual Open Studio?

Virtual open studio is a way to invite people to visit me online while i’m in my studio. I use my webcam to connect with people who are interested in my work. Sometimes i’m working but other times i’m there for just chatting or showing my work.

More than a year ago i did the first  experiments with virtual open studios. I used the services of livestream for that. I announced the open studio session a couple of days in advance, prepared all my stuff and held a painting session for about two hours.

This had a 2 disadvantages.

1. It was les spontaneous because i had to plan the event.
2. It was difficult to get feedback from the viewers because they could only text chat with me which i often didn’t see while i was working.

Enter Google+ !

Nowadays i use google+ hangout for the open studio sessions
Hangouts have several advantages over the live stream system

1. People can talk back to me via their webcam and even discuss with each other
2. Public hangouts can get recorded and be seen on youtube on a later date
3. It is very easy to start a session spontaneous and invite viewers on G+
4. People on G+ can browse for public hangouts and find my Virtual Studio sessions.

Over the last year i had about 10-15 public hangouts. Some where really successful
I put my computer and point my webcam at my work and start working as i normally do.
Sometimes all the 10 slots are full on other days i get only 1 or 2 visitors. Some of them became friends.
Some helped me with naming my work. One helped translating so i could answer questions of visitors who only spoke arabic.

What is Google+?

For those who missed it, google+ is a social media network a bit somewhat like Facebook. The big difference with Facebook is; that you can “Follow” people without them having to follow you.

Can i see a hangout without having a webcam?
Yes you can, i won’t see you but you can see me.

Can I have look at such an open studio?

This is a Virtual Open Studio session I did earlier.

I don’t advice you to watch all through but you can skim it to get an idea.

So i hope to see you soon at one of my Open Studio sessions.

Let me know what you think of my Virtual Open Studio’s.

Of course you can always contact me if you want to visit me and my studio via webcam. I’ll be honored to invite you to a private studio visit, whether it be in person or virtual.


Here is the link to my Google+ profile.


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