Back from never gone

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Just a quick hello to say that I want to get back to posting on a regular basis. I noticed it is almost a year ago i posted on this blog. It is not that there was nothing to talk about .

A lot has happened  the last year:

  • I’ve planned an exhibition for spring 2013.
  • This summer I was on two different art fairs.
  • I’ve started a web shop.  Update: Closed for the time being. Now you can order via mail.
  • My Facebook follower count has grown from 60 to nearly 400.
  • I’ve sold quite a couple of paintings last year.
  • And of course most important: I made a lot of new paintings.


As I said, i wanted just to say hello and tell you about my plans to pick up posting again. So whats i more appropriate than to finish of with a picture of an almost blank canvas.


Hope to meet you here soon.

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