• Big Cat Wondering

  • Love is patient, love is kind.

    Love is patient, love is kind.

  • She


  • Spring


  • "Parallel Universes No.1" a painting by Paul Breddels

    Parallel Universes No.1

  • They still wonder where she's gone.

    They still wonder where she’s gone.

  • Don't be scared

    Don’t be scared

  • Things will never be the same

    Things will never be the same

  • Agnello sacrificale


My art is about discovery. The creatures in my paintings discover their world, while I discover things about myself . The viewer discovers a sometimes strange, but usually a somewhat optimistic world.

About me

My whole life i have expressed myself in various creative ways. In early life, with theater, painting, drawing and photography. Later with my work as a video editor and designer in the multimedia industry. The move to Sweden has given me both emotional and physical space to go back to painting.